Healing Arts 


Feel weak and out of balance? Want to reconnect to original life-force through healing? What if you find ways to battle stress and tension so you can free some life energy? Maybe just time to heal and balance your system. Find a moment of peace within. Liberate yourself from feeling sick, congested, pain, numbness. Give yourself a treat?
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Treatments pricing

# 30*/60*/90/120 min

# 750/1200/1500/1800 SEK 

£ 75/120/150/180

$ 75/120/150/180

* 30 and 60 minutes ONLY at the Beach


What if you could Complement your skills as a Yoga, Qigong-teacher with ancestral alignment and breathing techniques? What if you could guide your clients to work on themselves for better result in their development, offering simple "take home" meditation techniques?

Group Training/Workshops

# 90 min/3 hrs/4 hrs/8 hrs 

# 160/300/400/800 SEK

£ 16/30/40/80

$ 16/30/40/80 

I offer ongoing classes/courses and workshops in The Universal Healing Tao System developed by Master Mantak Chia.
Universal Healing Tao System (UHT) is broad-spectra healing system for spiritual growth through mastering inner alchemy.

Private Training


# 90 min/3 hrs/4 hrs/8 hrs 

# 1000/1500/2000 SEK

£ 100/150/200

$ 100/150/200

Bodywork, Healing and Energy balancing sessions.

I do Bodywork, Healing and Energy balancing sessions. I apply manual techniques and different healing modalities.

In a session I might give advices on how to work on your own.
I integrate customised meditative practices/activities or breath work according to what issues we adress.
I Look to integrity as a fundamental part of the mutual trust, necessary to deep relax, let go and open up to the free flow.

So for the benefit of the healing we apply open communication, intuitive healing through awareness, stillness and conscious touch.

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With 7-8 years working in the Spa Industry where I learned so much more about different body types, constitutions and sensitivities of each every person inspired by the Ayurvedic approach and the conventional approach as a classic massage therapist.

I see the benefit in applying different practices and disciplines according to the personal needs.

Therefore I also offer apart from merely Healing; Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Tendon stretch, Acupressure, and further more the classic SPA Treatments such as Scrub, detox, dry brushing, basic facials..and more.

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