massage healing and energy balancing

Massage & Energy balancing

Feel weak and out of balance?

Maybe just time to heal and balance your system.

Find a moment of peace within.

Liberate yourself from feeling sick, congested, pain, numbness.

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Duration: 90/120 min

SEK 1750/1950 

Euro 160/185

Usd 160/185

Bodywork, healing and energy balancing sessions.

I do customized bodywork, healing and energy balancing sessions where I apply manual techniques and a series of healing modalities.

Trained in


Swedish Classic

Cranio Sacro (CST)

Chi Nei Tsang (UHT)

Cosmic Healing (UHT)

Shamanic Medicine Work

Intuitive deep tissue massage through awareness, sensitive touch & space holding!

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I give advice on customised daily exercises to do on your own for improved permanent results and build up resillience in body, mind and spirit.

Mindful breathing & guided relaxation is integrated in a session.

I see myself as a teacher/facilitator rather then a "healer".