What if you could recall your original life-force at anytime?

What if you found ways to battle stress and tension in everyday life so you can free up some genuine life energy?

Inner Alchemy Qigong

I offer trainings in The Universal Healing Tao System developed by Master Mantak Chia.
Universal Healing Tao System (UHT) is broad-spectra healing system for spiritual growth through mastering our inner alchemy.

Are you a..

...Yoga teacher?

What if you could ad "daoist internal alchemy" keys to improve your skills as a Yoga teacher?  

...Qigong teacher?

What if you could broaden your teaching portafolio with internal alchemical techniques and a greater range of self healing techniques?


What if you as a physician, bodyworker, alternative-, complementary-, or functional theraphist could encourage your clients to continue work on their own for a better improvemnet in their healing progress? By offering them customized simple "take home" meditation techniques.

...try the


Training imparted by Julian Carl Edwin M.A. 20 year experience in teaching, facilitating workshops, bodywork & energybalancing. Certified UHT-Instructor, Cosmic Healing and Chi Nei Tsang practicioner since 2001 in the Universal Healing Tao System, developed by Master Mantak Chia.

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Group Training

Investment/group (max 12 participants)

# 90 min/3 hrs/4 hrs/8 hrs 


Usd 160/350/450/840

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Private Training


# 90 min/3 hrs/4 hrs/8 hrs

SEK 1450/2600/3600/6800

 USD 140/250/350/650

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