Our intention is inspiring and Promoting a simple lifestyle in harmony with Nature. Finding ways to approach and align to the Universal truth and its laws of existence...

-Protection, conservation and spreading the Wisdom heritage of Nature People’s wisdom legacy and way of life.

Create space for community work where we again honor the source of life. Offering ways to learn by our common ancestral wisdom heritage. Give back mother earth and understand the importance of balance of the elements.

Protect natural sources and sacred grounds Water in all its forms as the all life giving source, fertilised by the rays of sun.

Our Story

1994 we started a non-profit association NATURAL REALITY to ponder and explore the idea of the "Natural Reality" being the ultimate way to harmonise with the Universal Forces and economise peoples existence on earth, living a sustainable yet rich life leaving less of a footprint

2004 we opened a Yogastudio Stockholm in SoFo, Södermalm named Naturkällan-JuiceBar & Yogastudio to provide a community space and platform for spiritual growth

2005-2019 Fårö Surf, Yoga & Massage A seasonal holistic vacationing business on the beach Sudersand Strand, Fårö, Gotland Sweden...still up and running!

About me Julian

Swedish-Mexican and proud father of two boys. I´m ready to take on any challenges that help me on my personal and spiritual growth as well as the direct community.

I'm a passionate freestyle wave surfer, photographer, philanthropist. I offer bodywork, share inner art daoist teachings and run Sweatlodges for healing of the self and the community.

Friends of NaturalWays

We support and co-work with organisations and other retreatcenters:

Shambala Gatherings

Kaypacha Lesher

Rewild Body & Nature

Move Heal & Grow 

Gardenary AB