We believe Nature has a cure for everything,

Nature is our teacher and our healer.

Combat the Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)

Our intention is to inspire and promote "a simple lifestyle" in harmony with Nature, leaving less of a "footprint", gravitated towards Nature again.

We are non supportive of the commonly accepted, goal oriented, extravagant pseudo solutions to cure. This symptomatically oriented analisis and "cure" promotes an emotionally weak state of mind of the affected person who end up dependant and forced to rely on an exploitive institutional aparatus in it for power and money, with less or no interest in curing. Values that promote aims like moneypower=success no mather who you step on. Therefore we intend to transit from such a lifestyle so common in western societies today into a more grounded core value lifestyle akin to the Universal Laws of existance.

Explore new ways for us human to approach and align to the natural laws and universal ways and its keys of existence...eventually finding a state of conciousness based on a natural reality rather then a fictive made up one?

In search for an ultimate absolute truth if such even exists?

Our areas of interest

- Health and self development through prayers, meditational and grounding practices

-Activate sacred grounds crucial for the planets energybalance propelling the cosmic body of the solarsystem through the Universe.

-Protection, conservation nature people’s ways of life and wisdom legacy

-Spread and share the ancient collective wisdom heritage of humanity. 

-Create spaces for community work and come togethers where we again can honor the source of life.

-Building platforms, sharing ways to learn of and by our ancestral wisdom heritage.

- Reactivating the dormant energycenters through gatherings and ceremonies.

-Re-discover our lost Ancient Civilisations to know where we come from, giving clarity and certainity to where we´re heading

First stages of the transition we believe to be adressed in this New Era:

-Schedule meditational practices into our lives

-Ensure the rights of the existing nature tribes´ to their land and ways to assure their survival and promote their thriving  

-Make programs for regenerative farming and similar approaches for natural resources not to be overly exploited and restituted to an ethic approach.

-Facilitate more Natural reserves and parks

-Create fonds to support nature & animal preservation projects. Assuring the health and survival for our children and the new generations to come.

-Gather means and resources for the 

Standards/ Attitude

-Non agressive approach  

-Being present in this shift and transition into a new time.

-Observing and learning from the whirling balance of the elements on mother earth under the infinite sky.

Values and SACRED LAW

Honor water in all its forms as the all life giving source, fertilised by the rays of sun... harnessed by the materia of perdurance.. Spirit

-Codes of ethics.

Standing in a rightful relation to Gaia and the celestial forces. So to each other.

Codes of Ethic behaviour:

All is born out of the feminine

All is fertilised by the masculine

Nothing to be done to harm the children within or in the world

Our Story

1994 we started a non-profit association NATURAL REALITY to ponder and explore the idea of living a more "natural reality", maybe being the ultimate way to harmonise with the universal forces and economise peoples existence on earth, living a sustainable yet generous life, yet leaving less of a footprint.

2004 we opened Yogastudio Stockholm in SoFo, Södermalm named Naturkällan JuiceBar & Yogastudio to provide a community space and platform for spiritual growth

2003-2023 Fårö Surf Yoga & Massage, a seasonal holistic vacationing pop up on the beach Sudersand Strand, Fårö, Gotland Sweden. Another accesibe platform for everybody to experience the joy and happines achieved in the play and healing of Nature. Located on Fårö a magical island and a powerful natural setting with high geomagnetic power.

About me Julian

Swedish-Mexican and proud father of two boys. I´m ready to take on any challenges that help me on my personal and spiritual journey as well as the ability to co work with the collective.

I'm a passionate freestyle wave surfer, photographer, philanthropist. I offer bodywork, share inner art daoist teachings and run sweatlodges for the healing of myself and to serve the Community.

Friends of NaturalWays

We support and co-work with organisations and other retreatcenters:

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