Purification Ceremony /Temazcal
(Temazcalli "bath house" in Nahuatl)


I find the Sweatlodge Purification Ceremony a true precious ”medicine gift” for humanity, specially in these times, where trust and belief is a scarcity. A practice worthy and necessary to pass on to future generations. Not to be forgotten or misused.


History and use of
Sweatlodge Purification Ceremony

I´m grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned the steps of making this sacred ceremony happen. From the respectful gathering of the necessary elements such as wood, water, earth, wind & fire to creating this magical space to work the elements to the peak of the alchemical process. Coming together and sharing this ancient experience of cosmic fusion in unity through presence, prayers, songs is a blessing.  Always reminded to honor the vital source of the sun and the sacred grounds that holds us.

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Reconnecting to the elements understanding natural laws hands on.

Realigning with the Universal forces and reconnecting to the source. Humbling to surrender to our true selves.

To my understanding after 30 years experiencing and working this purification ritual. This is really an inherited medicine gift from our ancestors and the humanity of all cultures, and I honor the bravewomen and men carrying this wisdom and given path. I always found this one of the most powerful tools for deep transformational work, that in its close setting to Nature reveals the wonders of being ONE with the Universe through the alchemical process of the natural elements.

Text Julian M.A,